Change Yourself

  • Most people like changes, but only a few are willing to change.
  • No matter how far you are behind somebody, if you do not move quickly, you will be left behind. But you begin thinking on how to get going, you will have to know where to start.

    Do you really want to change?
    Follow these steps
  • Increase your Awareness – get away from your routines, look around and see the changes around you, your readings, your friends, your colleagues, your competitors, find yourself. Where am I now? What do I want to be?
  • Widen your Knowledge – encourage yourself, be positive, read more books, magazines, join courses, follow the trends
  • Improve your Understanding –  join organization, attend seminars and discussions
  • Try best to change your Perception, set up your target, act rationally, be assertive
  • Be confident in your Belief – seek references and confirm your step to move
  • Change your Attitude –  Ask your friends, relatives whether they see you change
  • Then change your Behavior – Say No, if you do not agree. Don’t ever try to please everybody. Stick to your behavior in a flexible and acceptable manner

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