Self Confidence, Adaptability and Creativity

Why are  some able to set goals and attain them while others drift through life, tapped in dead-end jobs and get pension in an unfavorable environment? Self confidence – usually makes the difference, rather than ‘money’ as most people say.

Pessimist explain life’s events as permanent (these things always happen to me), pervasive (everything is ruined) and personal (it’s all my fault) 
Optimist respond to adverse events by explaining them as temporary setback, limited those events, and external (not necessary my fault)

  • Stop the negative thought immediately and reframe it into a positive one
  • Build on your strengths in small ways to increase your self confidence, as self confidence comes from repeating successful behaviors
  • Decide what dreams you want to turn into reality. Set realistic goals, but don’t lower your expectations because you lack self confidence to attain them 

We naturally adapt to changes in our environments. In fact, like our body which makes millions of change everyday, if our sells aren’t changing, we are not alive.

  • If the changes are monumental, we react immediately. If the changes are incremental and happen a little everyday, we often overlook the changes until it is too late
  • Don’t stay long in your comfort zone – it is easy to ignore the facts and believe that things will always be the same
  • Try new things and expand your thinking
  • Open your eyes to new possibilities

Creative people believe that failure is not a waste of time. Failures trigger new ideas.

  • Ask yourself what you think you should do and do the opposite
  • Ask good questions to explore career options
  • Develop a mind map
  • Creativity is your gift – to be opened throughout your life

(Source : Career Patterns, L.H Tuck, A. Price, M. Robertson, 2000)

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