You Can Reach the Top

  1. If we do more than we are paid, finally we are paid more than we do
  2. If we really love our jobs, they will pay us well
  3. Always remember that ‘a free cheese’ is always on a mouse trap
  4. Those who have vision, will further and faster in reaching their achievement in life
  5. Persistence makes the impossible possible, the greater possibility – and finally it turns to be the reality
  6. Don’t wait until you are motivated to take positive action. But do it and then you will be motivated
  7. What you do outside your job is significant to your success. How many best book do you read every year? How often do you attend seminar or workshop? With whom do you spend your valuable time?
  8. You can be a great person by doing small things big
  9. You will get the best from others, if you give the best to them 
  10. If you want to change your life, you need to do it now with great enthusiasm

(Source : You Can Reach the Top, Zig Ziglar)

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