How to Develop Managerial Traits

Competent managers are scare. Therefore, organization need to anticipate the adequate number of managers in line with organization development. Management training is not as simple as training a technician or accounting staff; it is a complex process.

Here are some of the reviews:
Executives are trained and their achievement is measured by so called standard –  and yet,  there is no significant change in their quality performance.
Management development should be that of agriculture in which they  short develop themselves. The development  should cover their perception, their minds, their vision, worldviews and attitude. This change is nothing to enforce. The organizations provide the environment, the infrastructure and related needs to development.

In so many instances, the land is not fertile – it is too dry to develop. 
Basically each personnel seek development, new venture which give him/her significant chance for promotion. in some organizations, each personnel seem static and stand still.
In centralized organization, the employee stick to the rule, regulation and the procedure.  There is little change for self development. In decentralized organization, however,each personnel is encouraged to have their own decision. They learn how to decide and be responsible and therefore, they develop. Some organizations rotate their executives  frequently, these people should be ready to leave their position whenever the management want them to – they are of no job specification.

Management development has several aspects.


  1. Should have a comprehensive understanding on the social, economic, and technological change. This can be achieved through outward looking behavior, rather than inward looking type. 
  2. Should be able to solve problems and take proper decision. This quality can be achieved through problem analysis, develop alternate plans and feasibility study.
  3. Should be encouraged to be competitive.

No organization can avoid problems, no leaders can stop people develop. The secret of executive development lies in any effort  made in encouraging executives to take initiatives and try to do something impossible, although it is risky. 

(Source : Great Ideas in Management, CN Parkinson, MK Rustomji, SA Sapre)

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