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A recent Council of Public Relations Firms survey of 300 firms, found that the top 10 US firms had combined revenues of $ 2,974,000 and an 88% market share in 2000. 

Smaller firms had a larger share of the market than in previous years, not only due to an increase in the number of firms reporting but also to the boom in the number of small and mid-size firms. Of the 300 firms, 57 of the smallest firms have more that doubled market share. 

41% of the year (2000) total revenue comes from Technology PR, consumer and retail sector accounted for 20% and healthcare PR provided 15% which is projected more in 2001. Business to business was the largest terms of share and growth rate accounted for one-fourth of total revenues and grew by more 55 since 1999.

Corporate communications and consumer marketing made up about 25% of the years revenues. These are the next fasted growing specialty areas each by more than 40%. About 75% of corporate communications is oriented towards the shareholder. 

The survey also found out that the total employee base of US PR firms surveyed grew one-fourth over 1999. Productivity also improved, average revenue per employee increase by 7% to $142,000. The average revenue of professional staff came to $229,503. 

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