In Search of Entrepreneurial Traits

  • Do you want to start your own business? There are many success stories about this, yet one this is certain that success does not seek out the entrepreneur. One common misperception is that most successful persons have a dishonest aspects on their plan
  • On the contrary, a key business success factor that has been identified in theory and practice is integrity
  • An entrepreneur is not afraid to make tough decisions, although it results in failure.
    Some attributive qualities of entrepreneurship are :
    • Willingness to experiment, to try things out-a strong inclination and bias for action. Do it, try it, fix it
    • Willingness and have the ability to tolerate, accept, absorb and cope with failure. Not easily be daunted by setbacks
    • Stay close to and focus on the business and market you know best
    • Do not leave your base
    • Able to communicate and relate with financial sponsors
  • The importance of failure
    To succeed, you have to experience ‘failure’ first. A successful entrepreneurial venture does not happen at random. Solid background of experience with a proven track record. Do not look back. Be motivated to achieve.

(Contributed by Bob Widyahartono)

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