Selling the Boss on Your Idea

Communicating is not something that just happens. It requires attention to the substance of your message, how you present it, how to get the best chance of being correctly received and understood.
Here are some signs of poor communications that are expressed in the following statement : 

  • I wish i knew what she was talking about
  • I do not really understand what he means
  • I’m not sure what he wants me to do
  • If you really mean that, why didn’t you say so?

Different styles of communication are needed to meet your target audience. You will have to adjust your style on the purpose of sending an idea, whether : tp inform, to persuade or to collaborate.

Selling the Boss on Your Idea

If you think you have a good idea for a new product or service or any development plan, consider the following strategies : 

  • Find out what makes the idea good. How does it fit to the organization’s overall strategy?
  • What resources and skills will be needed?
  • Get support from senior management, colleagues, and coworkers
  • Know your limitations. You may be good in marketing, but ignorant in finance. Get a mixture of expertise in your team
  • Start requesting a small budget to test the idea
  • Commit less but do more. Do not over promise
  • Find the right time to publicize your effort. Internal publicity at the wrong time can cause jealousy

(Source : Marshall Loeb’s writing in Fortune)

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