You can be a leader by taking one or more of the following nine roles

  1. Sages
    Expand other’s knowledge about a wide array of subjects and use it to design strategy.
  2. Visionaries
    Inspire large groups of people to go beyond their previous accomplishments.
  3. Magicians
    Coordinate change by bridging the gap between where the organization is and where it should be.
  4. Globalists
    Consolidate the experiences of people across culture by demonstrating an interest in the diversity and finding a common group.
  5. Mentors
    Help employees advance their careers by helping them learn and work with their potential
  6. Allies
    Form effective teams and alliances
  7. Sovereigns
    Take opportunity for the decision they make even if they involve risk or uncertainty
  8. Guide 
    Use clearly stated principles based on core values to guide their employees’ tasks and attain goals
  9. Artisans 
    Try to improve performance by ensuring the quality of a company’s product and production processes

(Source : The Action Centred Leader, John Adair)

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