Checklist for Leader – Motivator

  • Do you agree that each subordinate has his/her own target and continuous responsibility to come to the agreeable standard of achievement?
  • Do you know the contribution of each member of your team and encourage the other members to do the same?
  • In term of success, do you acknowledge and encourage further success?
  • In term of failure, do you identify what the problem is and give constructive guidance for the next success?
  • Do you delegate more?
  • Do you give more freedom to your team to act as individuals?
  • Do you show them your trust or control them unnecessarily? 
  • Do you give them appropriate training to update their knowledge and skill? 
  • Do you encourage each of your team to develop their maximum potential?
  • Do you evaluate their achievement and discuss with them openly?
  • Do you compensate their contribution with monetary value?
  • Do you spend enough time to talk, listen to each of them so that you know exactly that they are unique individuals?
  • Do you know the needs and wants of each member of your team?
  • Do you give regular briefing so that each member follow the on going problems and issues and future plan?
  • Do you know that internal communication is one of the most fundamental factors for building external relationship?

Check this out, how respondents (N=126) receive information and value the internal information in a public service company. (Ananto, 2003)

Receiving Information%
Detailed job description72%
Work achievement 60%
Institution policy80%
Work compensation60%
Job evaluation40%
Job relevance56%
Strategy to handle job52%
Internal Issue48%
External Issue48%
Quality of Information%
Employees can speak openly in this co.64%
I can speak openly with anybody72%
I receive info directly from my supervisor68%
I receive info from my colleagues92%
I know about my personal social welfare 64%
I know about the future plan of this co.72%
I know about procedural changes   68%
I know the benefits of my work88%
I know about my future career 28%

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