Characteristics of True Leader

Find out the characteristics of true leader as stated by Peter Drucker

  • Leaders aren’t threatened by by others who have strengths they lack
  • Leaders don’t want clones of themselves as employees. They never ask : ‘ Do I like or dislike this employee?’ But they do not tolerate poor performance.
  • Leaders continually ask ‘What are my organization’s purposes and objectives’ and ‘What qualities are acceptable performance and adds to the bottom line?
  • Leaders start projects by asking ‘What has to be done?’ instead of ‘What do I need?’
  • Leaders then ask : ‘What do I have to do to make a real contribution?’

The employees and their bosses

  • When the employees are talking about the prospect of their jobs, the boss says they are demanding.
  • When the employees are discussing how to anticipate the improper management decisions, the boss says they are gossiping.
  • But when the bosses gossip, that is discussion!

Tips : Encourage a role play among the employees, let the boss observe the play

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