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REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR Last Wednesday, on 20th April – Prof Dr Thoby Mutis, the Rector of Trisakti University launched ‘Change for the Small’ campaign – s social campaign designed to assist the street children in DKI Jakarta. This campaign was the first move toward a series of public education activities ‘PR Week 2005’ – […]

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR We have no words to describe how tragic people lost their lives in the last December earthquake and tsunami that devastated several regions along the Indian Ocean, in the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and North Sumatra. No more tears shall drop for our lost ones, let them rest in peace

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR Every CEO and board with whom the editor has talked has placed a high importance on achieving a good corporate reputation. Executives and directors know that a good reputation allows them to attract more capital, gain a higher multiple of their stock, enhance their recruiting efforts, improve employee satisfaction and attract

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR Everyone virtually has a working knowledge of the changes occuring in society and in world business, yet each one of us has somewhat different experiences with these changes. With the ever increasing development of information technology, you can imagine how such a paradigm shift would have affected not only science but

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR There are many ways to Rome, that’s the old saying. In today’s competitive environments, we have wider opportunities to expand our career ideas. We are the ones who control our own future. Do you know how great you can be? What your potential is? Each of us creates a mental framework

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR People do not pay attention to what You know, unless they know how you care for others, then You can ask them to do something for you. People give responses if someone is sincere. It does not mean that You give something. It really means that You have your personal interests

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR The major objective of business executives is to achieve a better ratio of output to input in each element of business activity, in other words, to make each element more profitable. In many instances, money is only the common denominator or measure of the elements which go into the productivity equation.

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR EGA and Associate wish you a great success in the year 2004 and beyond May everyone persistently realize that each one of us will have to take responsibility for creating a work  environment where people feel committed, involved, and respected. This will capture the collective brain power of all our people,

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR Successful leaders develop an entrepreneurial mindset, including the ability to hold on to ideas over time. They don’t necessarily move on them right away, but they don’t forget about them either. Strong leaders learn from failure. If things go wrong, leaders do not call it failure. Typically, they describe what happened

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR Every board or stop executives with whom the editor has talked or worked  has placed a high importance on achieving a good corporate reputation. executives and directors know that a good reputation allows them to attract more capital, gain a higher multiple  for their market share, enhance their recruiting efforts, Improve

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