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Boasted by tsunami, the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ or CSR is discussed, argued event debated in different perspectives. What does ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ really mean anyway? Different organizations have different interpretations on CSR – although there is a common ground as to produce positive impact on society. CSR raised controversial issues. If the arguments against […]

25. Admit Your Mistakes and Limits26. Take Calculated Risks27. Incorporate Other Aspects of Attitude28. Give the Caller Your Undivided Attention29. Be Consistent and Sincere When Answering the Phone30. Identify Yourself and Your Purpose Up Front When Calling31. Monitor Your Tone of Voice32. Pace Yourself During a Phone Call33. Periodically Summarize What You Hear34. Take Responsibility

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR Last Wednesday, on 20th April – Prof Dr Thoby Mutis, the Rector of Trisakti University launched ‘Change for the Small’ campaign – s social campaign designed to assist the street children in DKI Jakarta. This campaign was the first move toward a series of public education activities ‘PR Week 2005’ –

Vision  – Communication – Persistence – Empowerment & Organization Ability Creative leaders make positive assumptions about human nature They accept that individuals feel a commitment to a decision in proportion to the extent they feel have participated in making it They believe in and use the power of self-fulfilling prophecy They highly value individuality The

If we do more than we are paid, finally we will be paid more than we do How far your achievement in your life does not depend on what happens to you, but on what you did happen to you You will fail if you try to be others what you are going to be.

Public relations as a profession is changing rapidly. Globalization of worldwide markets and organizational restructuring are two major influences on the practice of public relations. Practitioners are no longer technicians who shape and distribute the messages from their organizations, they are demanded professionals who shape the relationship of the organization with its various constituents. Public

You might be struggling with office politics or a difficult boss, facing ethical dilemmas, wondering how to get a promotion, or deciding if you should change your career field, the tips are suitable for you. In the company, the knowledge workers get paid foro their education, knowledge and mind. Here are the following tips

Marketing is not a department. It is an ethos that pervades the whole organization, so that proper training and internal marketing are crucial Always look at issues from the customer perspective Keeping customers is easier than winning new ones Prepare a plan, follow it and follow it up. Prove it with action, not words Get

Some leaders are not effective Why employees do not want to listen to them? To be effective leaders, we should have Personal Leadership Qualities Leaders must themselves exhibit the work habits, attitudes and priorities they expect of their subordinates if their leadership is to be the most effective Exhibiting confidence in an increasingly uncertain situation

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR We have no words to describe how tragic people lost their lives in the last December earthquake and tsunami that devastated several regions along the Indian Ocean, in the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and North Sumatra. No more tears shall drop for our lost ones, let them rest in peace

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