Seberapa besar urgensi PR memiliki kode etik profesi? Apakah kelebihan dan kekurangannya – jika ada tindakan oknum PR yang merugikan profesi, bahkan hingga dibawa ke ranah hukum, kode etik mana yang akan menjadi acuan pihak berwenang?

Apa yang menjadi pekerjaan PR di era pandemic Covid-19? Hal-hal prinsip apa yang harus dikembangkan PR di masa pandemi? Bagaimana opini Anda mengenai keberhasilan praktek PR selama ini?

It is unavoidable for leaders these days to rely more on the intelligence of their team members to cope with an increasingly complex and ever-changing business environment. Collaboration is no longer consider as a philosophy but it  is the essential ingredient – one of the determining factors for organization survival and success. Corporate must realize that

There are conditions and situations under which change is most likely: these should be considered triggers that acts as early warnings and can alert a company to the need of heightening its analytic and planning efforts. These triggers are usually caused by : The following ten tips might allow you to recognize impending change internally

Those who care will gain the respect Your people are able to ‘read’ you. If you are not sincere, they do not only think that You don’t care, but you are trying to cheat them. You gain no respect from them. Mind You – For most people, it is just a work! Between a role

In this digital era where competition is in our eyes for say, either product or service for a company, or leadership, influence or trust for government offices, non profit organizations, reputation for a charitable organization – communication is nothing but vital. What kind of communication to promote your company or organization? The more complex an

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