2-Day Workshop

Practical Guide for
PR Research, Measurement and Evaluation

Citadines Sudirman Jakarta

This RME workshop goes well beyond simply measuring the effectiveness of communication. This two-day interactive workshop is focused on the alignment of theoretical and best practices based on real situation each participant is addressing in his or her organization.

Benefit Attending

After attending this workshop, you will know:

How to empower public relations function in competitive environment by aligning communication strategies with organization mission, purpose and values

How to conduct research based on situational analysis for a campaign or project focused on changing stakeholders’ behavior

How to interpret data from surveys and present the results to management in a language of business management in finance and non-finance nature

How to analyze different types of communication research methodologies and applying it in different situation

How to draft a focus group and
survey to use as part of the overall communication audit

How to increase alignment of PR,
business and organization

Workshop Topics

  1. Overview of PR and the Role of Research
  2. Practical Guide to PR Research
  3. PR Measurements: Tools and Technique
  4. Barcelona Principles 3.0
  5. Connecting Communication Research to Strategic Planning
  6. Case Study Analysis – Best Practice Measurements
  7. Case Studies for Evaluation – Interactive
  8. Simulation Exercise


Instructors and Facilitator

  • Leading Instructor: Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, Ph.D, FIPRA
  • Guest Speaker: Don W. Stacks, Ph.D
  • Instructor: Dr. Jakaria Amin
  • Facilitator: Erika Ananto, MM
Practical Guide for Public Relations Research, Measurement and Evaluation - Speakers

Recommended to Attend

– Organization executives in managerial level
– Human Resource Manager
– Corporate Communication Manager
– R & D in Communication function

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