Dr. Gde Pradnyana

Corporate Secretary
Dr. Gde Pradnyana is currently serving as the corporate secretary at Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities of Republic of Indonesia (SKK Migas). He previously worked as The Deputy Chairman for Operations Control and the Vice President for External Affairs at the same institution. Mr. Pradnyana has more than 25 years of experience in various assignment related with construction and operation of upstream oil & gas industries. He is also an alumnus of regular program of National Resilience Institute (LEMHANNAS) PPRA-XLV Formerly he was the Vice President Management Representative of BPMIGAS for VICO and CNOOC South East Sumatra and subsequently hold position as the Executive Advisor of BPMIGAS (the Executive Agency of Indonesian Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities). which is the government body responsible in managing the operation of more than 200 Oil and Gas Production Sharing Contractors operating in Indonesia.
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