Ardi Sutedja

Chairman and Founder
Indonesia Cyber Security Forum

Ardi Sutedja K., is the founder and Chairman of the Indonesia Cyber Security Forum (ICSF), a non-profit professional organization established and based in Jakarta, Indonesia, whose mission is to promote and nurture cyber security and resilience in Indonesia. ICSF deploys a multi-stakeholder approach and boasts members from a academia, business and government. As part of its regular activities, ICSF hosts monthly gatherings, as well as ad-hoc trainings and workshops around the central theme of cyber security. Annually ICSF hosts the Indonesia Cyber Security Summit (ICSS), which is a by-invitation-only event featuring plenary sessions and roundtable discussions led by global cyber security experts and leading academics.

Aside from ICSF, Ardi is the President Director of Indonesia Dirgantara Expo(IDEX), a event organizing management company focusing on ICT, aviation and maritime events. Ardi also is former Board of Trustees and Senior Advisors of Indonesia’s ICT Community (MASTEL). Prior to his current roles at ICSF, IDEX and MASTEL, Ardi has more than 28 years of professional experience both in private and public sectors, focusing on cyber security strategy, governance & compliance, IT risk assessment, cyber threats, vulnerability assessment, IT security design & implementation, and incident management & data loss protection/privacy services. In addition, Ardi is now expanding his focus to include managing the risks arising from emerging technologies and social media.

Ardi earned his Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Indonesia and Master of Business Administration from State University of New York (SUNY) in Buffalo, USA. As a professional in his respective field, as a fomer senior military officer, Ardi has undergone continuing specialized education and training, as well earned professional competence certifications in cyber intelligence, cyber security, cyber resilience and cyber warfare from reputable military institutions in the United States, Britain, Canada and South Korea.

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