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EGA briefings #1 – Change Triggers

There are conditions and situations under which change is most likely: these should be considered triggers that acts as early warnings and can alert a company to the need of heightening its analytic and planning efforts. These triggers are usually caused by : Internal organizational

Tanya Jawab: Public Relations

1. Apa yang menjadi faktor penentu praktek Public Relations? Hasil riset menyebutkan ada 4 faktor penentu praktek PR dalam organisasi.  Persepsi Manajemen terhadap PR Budaya Organisasi Kualitas praktisi PR Ada tidaknya pressure group Pakar PR menyatakan bahwa jika manajemen menganggap PR itu penting, maka dia

Bulletin No. 27 | May – June 2005

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR Last Wednesday, on 20th April – Prof Dr Thoby Mutis, the Rector of Trisakti University launched ‘Change for the Small’ campaign – s social campaign designed to assist the street children in DKI Jakarta. This campaign was the first move toward

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