Christianto Wibisono

Founder and Chairman
Pusat Data Bisnis Indonesia
Christianto Wibisono is one of the leading economists and political analysts in Indonesia. In 1980, he established Indonesian Business Data Centre (Pusat Data Bisnis Indonesia (PDBI). This center is an independent business data bank specializing in publishing Anatomy of Indonesian Top Conglomerates and State Owned Enterprises. He served as a lobbyist (1998-2006) for Indonesia in Washington DC after the infamous racial riot against ethnic Chinese in Jakarta in May 1998. In 2007, he became the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Global Nexus Institute, Strategic Consultant. Since 2010 Wibisono serves as a member of the National Economic Council chaired by Chairul Tanjung, a presidential Advisory Board for National Economic Policy. He established Indonesian Presidency Institute, a think tank specialized in the study of presidential politics and policies in Indonesia.
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